The SecureAgentParameters type exposes the following members.


Authentication digest to use in authNoPriv and authPriv security combinations. For available authentication digests, see AuthenticationDigests enumeration.
Authentication secret (or authentication password)
Context engine id. By default, this value is set to authoritative engine id value unless specifically set to a different value here.
Context name. By default this value is a 0 length string (no context name). Set this value if you require it to be defined in ScopedPdu.
Authoritative engine boots value
Authoritative engine id
Authoritative engine time value
Time stamp when authoritative engine time value was last refreshed with data from the agent. This value is used to calculate up to date authoritative agent time value without having to repeat discovery process every 150 seconds.
Maximum message size. This value is by default set to 64KB and then updated by the maximum message size value in the response from the agent. This value should be the smallest message size supported by both the agent and manager.
Privacy protocol to use. For available protocols, see PrivacyProtocols enumeration.
Privacy secret (or privacy password)
Reportable option flag. Set to true by default. This flag controls if reportable flag will be set in the packet. When this flag is set in the packet, agent will respond to invalid requests with Report packets. Without this flag being set, all invalid requests are silently dropped by the agent.
Security name value, or user name.
Protocol version. Always == SnmpConstants.SNMPV3

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